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The so-called extramural Havana, built beyond the ancient walls of the city, shows multiple architectural styles: renaissance, Moorish, colonial baroque and Cuban baroque, neoclassical, art nouveau, art deco, in one word: eclecticism. One of the most extraordinary buildings of the city is the Capitol, which treasures under its dome the Statue of the Republic, third tallest of its kind in the world.
The Gran Teatro de La Habana concentrates a great amount of the best cultural spectacles while the Paseo del Prado tree-lined walkway receives daily hundreds of people of this joyful and cosmopolitan city.
Passing through El Vedado neighborhood one arrives at the two-hundred-year old University of Havana, the Revolution Square, and José Martí's Memorial, the latter having the city's highest lookout point (183,5 m. or 454 ft.)
Colon necropolis, considered among the most important around the world due to the richness in art pieces it encloses, constitutes another place of interest worth-visiting in the city. Havana's theater activity counts on a very enthusiast public and a number of theaters among which the National Theater, having several rooms, Mella, Hubert de Blanck, America, and Amadeo Roldán, just to mention some, stand out.
The history and heritage of Cuban and universal culture can be appreciated in numberless museums daily visited by nationals and visitors. Havana is, culturally speaking, one of the most developed cities in Latin America thanks to the contribution of dozens of institutions such as: the Casa de las Américas, the Instituto Cubano del Libro, the Biblioteca Nacional, the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, and the Fundación del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano, among many others.
Cuban music, expression of the synthesis of several cultures that identifies the Cuban is widely represented in everyday life and goes beyond the geographical frontiers to captivate people in scenarios all over the world.
The practice of sports, generalized along the national territory, has, for its development, in Havana City an appropriate infrastructure, having host important national and international events.
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